Graphic design that is printed may be defined as artwork created for projects meant to circulate information in a tangible way—generally, but not confined to, paper. Generally, its purpose is to describe and promote a particular service, advertise a product or event, or share information— as a public service or news. A brochure, poster, exhibit backdrop, or series of sales sheets in a container folder, can become the communication success tool for your business, and I am ready to work with you to achieve that goal.


One’s corporate Image may be described as artwork created to define the company’s inner Zen — a visual image satisfied with its purpose, focus, and worth— and which provokes a response. The successful design process for the development of such an image is collegial but one in which the graphic designer facilitates progress, with an emphasis on simplicity.


Illustrations are not solely individual works of art but rely on collaboration with the client to effectively meet their intended purposes. The process involves the development of an image that defines, clarifies, and evokes a particular idea or scene. Sometimes, an image may even poke fun. Because of the client’s involvement in the image conception as well as final product approval, I advocate that the process be fun as well.


A painting is a resulting artwork that expresses my individual response to a particular subject and is generally presented in one of the following media: oil, watercolor, or mixed media. Commissioned art projects are accepted with the proviso that this artist maintains complete autonomy in determining the final visual representation.